Modular SDI Routers

Matrix Switch Corporation Modular SDI Routers offer an extremely high level of routing flexibility. A choice between 3 base models provides cost optimization for field expandable system sizes up to 16×16, 32×32, and 64×64, in 1RU, 2RU or 4RU of rack space. Base system frames include dual redundant power supplies and cross point hardware, requiring only additional customer selected I/O hardware.

Modular systems can be independently expanded by 8 input OR 8 output Modular I/O Cards, allowing for asymmetrical matrix sizes. I/O card flavors include 75 Ohm BNC and SFP module cards which can be mixed without restriction. When utilizing SFP modules, matrix sizes are configurable down to a single input or output.

We offer several cost competitive SFP Modules for Fiber Optic solutions. In addition, customers may choose to use 3rd party industry standard MSA compatible modules.

How To Order

To order one of our modular systems, first choose the base frame which will provide the desired matrix size with possible room for expansion in the future: 16×16, 32×32, and 64×64.

After choosing the base frame, select I/O card types and quantities to meet requirements. I/O card choices include: 8 BNC Inputs, 8 BNC Outputs, 8 SFP Inputs, and 8 SFP Outputs.