Complete “end-to-end” solutions for transporting SDI up to 8K/48G over a single fiber for distances up to 40 km

Matrix Switch Corporation offers a variety of transmit and receive fiber interface solutions. Standard systems range from a single 3G SDI channel per fiber up to sixteen 12G SDI paths on a single fiber as far as 40 km using Matrix Switch Corporation’s advanced CWDM technology.

The MSA, SMPTE compliant SFP plug-ins used in Matrix Switch Corporation’s fiber interface solutions expand the flexibility of systems in a nearly unlimited number of configurations.  MSC’s SFP further offers simple in-field servicing and replacement as opposed to on-board electrical optical interfaces.

SFP plug-ins can provide various link lengths and optical wavelengths for transmission. The default wavelength for non-CWDM systems is 1310 nm. For our CWDM systems, the precise wavelength that we configure for each channel is marked and recorded.

Our standard systems are available as 1, 4, 8, 12, or 16 fibers for individual SDI signals, or via CWDM on a single fiber. These are complete ‘end-to-end’ solutions for transporting SDI up to 40 km. To ensure you receive an operational solution, Matrix Switch’s standard fiber interface solutions are pre-configured and tested as complete systems to guarantee 100% functionality.

Please contact us if you have a special requirement not covered by one of our standard 12G/3G End-2-End Fiber systems listed so we can define and provide a solution tailored to your requirement.