Composite Video Routers

Matrix Switch Corporation analog video routing switchers span a wide range of sizes, from 16 inputs by 16 outputs up to 2048 inputs by 1024 outputs for our new VMS series multistage designs. All of these systems have a minimum signal bandwidth of 50MHz*, more than enough for many analog video installations. The use of premium quality components, extensive shielding and low noise linear on board power supply regulation has resulted in systems with extremely low cross-talk and noise levels.

To find out more about the VMS Multistage Analog Video Router see our solutions page.

These analog video routers can also be ‘stacked’ to produce a 2 channel YV router or 3 channel YUV or RGB or 5 channel RGBHV (VGA) systems.

(*Contact Matrix Switch Corporation for more information about 200MHz system availability.)