AES Audio

Matrix Switch Corporation AES digital audio routing switchers use the AES-3id standard which defines a 75-ohm BNC electrical variant of AES3. This can use the same cabling, patching and infrastructure as analog video, or it can be digital switcher designed for AES data rates and a 700mv to 1V input/output interconnect. The AES-3id standard is also sometimes referred to as SMPTE 276M.

Our 16×16 AES digital audio router is available as 3 models. The MSC-DE1616 is designed to be used as a secondary level to one of our video routers with a D25 AUX/AFV port. The MSC-DE1616L and MSC-DE1616S can operate standalone and have a button panel interface or status panel respectively.

Larger AES digital audio routers are available for use with one of our video routers in the following sizes: 16×64, 32×32, 32×48, 48×32, and 64×16. Please Contact Us if you are interested in a standalone version of one of these routers.