Fiber transmission of 3G and 12G SDI signals is a perfect solution when the distances exceed practical coaxial transmission, multiple SDI signals can flow over single fiber (and in both directions at the same time), signal security from EMI or malicious interference, etc. Click for actual Matrix Switch Corporation Flex Frame installations.

The Matrix Switch Corporation Fiber Flex frame can configure into many thousands of different ways. Fiber Flex can connect to other Fiber Flex frames, Matrix Switch modular routers with plug in fiber interfaces modules plus our expanding family of Desk Top Fiber Conversion boxes.

Fiber Flex Frame 1RU Rear PanelExamples: A single 1RU Fiber Flex Frame can configure as two complete sixteen path 12G SDI signals plus gigabit ethernet over the same fiber. Or, eight 12G four channel to or from a 10Km fiber.

The Fiber Flex Frame uses the same Matrix Switch Corporation single and four channel conversion modules that are used in our family of desktop converters.