Model MSC-FC16BW

16 Channel 12G-SDI BNC to CWDM Fiber Converter (16 CWDM modules included)
List Price: $12,094.50 USD

Matrix Switch Corporation SDI CWDM fiber optic converters provide compact, flexible, and low cost solutions for transmitting multiple coax SDI signals over a single fiber. Utilizing different wavelengths these products can transmit up to 16 channels of 3G-SDI up to 20km.

The MSC-FC16BW-16 converter provides 16 BNC inputs and one 16 channel CWDM fiber optic output, for transmitting 16 SDI signals over a single fiber. This product includes 16 MSC-SFPTX-W factory installed CWDM transmitter modules.

Also see the MSC-XF1616BWS-16 for a more advanced product offering BNC SDI to CWDM fiber optic conversion with a combined 16×16 router.

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