Matrix Switch Corporation has three versions of 3G 4×4 Mini SDI Fiber Routing Switchers. These systems combine in one compact enclosure the functions of signal format conversion, to or from coaxial based SDI signals to fiber. The MSC-FS44FBL has 4 Fiber inputs and 4 BNC outputs, and the MSC-FS44FL accommodates 4 bi-directional Fiber transceivers.

Rugged, compact enclosures and flexible control options, provide portable SDI SFP routing without compromising on performance. MSA compatible SFP slots provide many interface options, including fiber optic, using our SFP modules.

SDI BNC input signals on the MSC-FS44BFL are corrected for loss with ‘long reach’ equalizer circuits. Followed by jitter reducing automatic reclocking circuits, before feeding the MSA standard compatible SFP slot(s).

The MSC-FS44FBL receives signals in Fiber format and converts them back to SMPTE standard SDI coaxial video format. Each of the four channels in the MSC-FS44FBL includes reclocking circuits and an output driver assuring SMPTE standard risetime cable driver(s), for clean transmission eye pattern.

The standard MSC-FS44FL includes four MSA compatible 1310nm single mode 20Km Fiber transceivers. Fiber optic SFP plug-in modules for the MSC-FS44BFL and MSC-FS44FBL are included.